As no two credit/collection issues are exactly alike, we have the experience to design and implement solutions that will work for your organization. The two alternatives available to you are as follows:

Credit Management Program:

This program was designed to provide companies that want to be proactive in the management of their accounts receivables. Companies may need some credit management expertise but for whatever reason they do not have a qualified/dedicated person to fill this role. This program allows you to have complete credit management services provided to you for when you need them and not have to incur the added expense of hiring an employee. These services will encompass the day to day credit department duties as well as additional services that will minimize potential for bad debt which will assist in improving cash flow as well as your bottom line.

Additional services will include the following:

  • Developing and implementing best practices to ensure new and existing customers are able to meet current or future obligations
  • Providing service (collection calls, credit adjudication, etc) to your customers in a manner which would appear as if your organization had a dedicated individual assisting them
  • Supervision, training and guidance of any in-house credit/collection staff
  • Provide analysis and feedback regarding credit and collection issues resulting from internal processes.
  • Review and analysis of existing client base to determine overall potential to bad debt
  • Collaborating with the sales department and other affected departments in order to support sales growth while maintaining acceptable levels of risk as determined by management
  • Management reporting

This service was designed for our clients that want to be proactive with their accounts receivable so they can avoid having to go to “collection”. They want the piece of mind knowing that their accounts are being properly managed and the required attention is given to them to ensure payment.

Third Party Collections:

Are you and your staff frustrated with calling on past due accounts and not getting the results you would like?

Could your time be better spent on revenue generating activities instead of calling on delinquent customers giving you the same story each time you reach them?

Professional Credit Solutions is a fully licensed and bonded collection agency that is in the business of turning your non-performing accounts receivable into added profit. With our many years of experience serving a multitude of industries we have developed best practices that have been very successful for our clients. With our experience along with our contingency-fee (no collection, no fees) based pricing this service is imperative to many industries.

It will cost you nothing if we are not successful in recouping your dollars so what are you waiting for? Every dollar collected is an additional dollar you did not have at the start of the day.

Contact us today to find out our rates and how to get started.