Who We Are

Professional Credit Solutions has over 50 years combined experience in assisting companies of all sizes improve their cash flow and profitability. During those years we have provided direction and leadership in developing a full range of policies and procedures to assist organizations with optimizing their investment in what is, typically, their largest asset – accounts receivable.

We are “Big Picture” thinkers who believe that just because your customer has not honoured their obligation to you that they will never become a good customer. Our greatest satisfaction is seeing your account get paid and you still retain the goodwill and potential future business of once was at one time a non-paying customer. Professional Credit Solutions sees the big picture of the organization, we are not only concerned with specific credit department goals but believe that the credit department should work in unison with other internal/external departments to achieve company goals. With our credit management skills along with customer service skills we can assist organizations in solidifying customer relationships to the benefit for all parties involved.

Our proactive approach to dealing with credit management responsibilities allows their clients “piece of mind” that their best interests are dealt with at the onset of the relationship. Reactionary measures with customers, once the account is non-performing, often leads to loss revenue, poor customer relations and increased expenses.